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Intermountain Dental Associates - Business Services

We would like to introduce the Business Services that Intermountain Dental Associates provides and let you know that we would love to be a part of your team. Our Business Services team has been providing services to local dental practices for over the past seven years. We work closely with each office to help relieve some of the burden off of you, the owner. Our goal is to save you time, money, and allow you to do what you do best. We believe that in order to grow your business, you need to be able to monitor and measure key areas including, but not limited to, production, collections, insurance reimbursements and continuing care. To do this, we provide various reports that allow you to follow your progress. Listed below are key services that IDA provides to give you a complete business service package. Many of these services go hand in hand and allow you to more effectively work on your business and not just in your business.

Payroll Services

IDA offers a complete payroll service. Our payroll process is intended to take over the complete payroll process. IDA’s payroll services are not comparable to a normal payroll company as the processes and procedures are designed for the dental industry. Most payroll companies are not set up to accommodate our unique requirements such as our integrated bonus program.

IDA’s payroll process is handled in house using web-based payroll software that allows each company to be tailored to their specific needs. Listed below are a few of the standard services provided followed by the customized payroll services we provide.

Standard Payroll

  1. Collect copies of Time Cards/Hour Summary Reports for Staff
  2. Review overtime & employee hours and report anomalies
  3. Enter data as reported to include, but not limit to:
    • Regular Staff Pay
    • Severance Pay
    • Vacation Pay
    • Paid Leave
    • Gifts or other bonuses
  4. Enter deductions to include, but not limit to:
    • Health Insurance Premiums
    • Retirement
    • Garnishments
  5. Create paychecks and implement direct deposit
  6. Manage employee garnishments
  7. Provide online paystub access for employees
  8. Implement and track wage changes for employees/providers
  9. Complete Employment Verifications
  10. Pay and file all payroll taxes on quarterly and annual basis
  11. Issue of year-end payroll forms, taxes, and W2’s
  12. Assist with Workers Compensation Policy audits
  13. Provide and help maintain new staff hire documents
Customized Payroll
  1. Calculate provider production and adjustments to determine provider salaries from month-end reports (processing of month-end reports are described below in Reporting/Monitoring section)
  2. Calculate staff bonuses for processing
  3. Record and implement provider deductions
  4. Track wage and bonus information
  5. Process new hire paperwork including contracts as required
  6. Provide and help maintain new staff hire documents
  7. Be a support in answering questions regarding payroll
  8. Maintain or train on proper management of employee records
  9. Complete year end reconciliation of collections and capitation for all providers for implementation into payroll

Supply/Service/Product Contracts

IDA affiliated Business Service members will have access to all supplies and/or services at the discounted negotiated rates for the follow areas:

  • Dental Supplies through Henry Schein and their affiliates – To receive the contracted discount rates, you will be required to purchase 80% of your eligible dental supplies from Henry Schein
  • Dental Equipment
  • Repair Services
  • Web-site design, development and SEO
  • Office Supplies
  • Office Equipment
  • Dentrix Software and data conversion
  • Merchant Services/Equipment
  • 401K Retirement Plan individually designed for you and your team
  • Continuing Education Credits
  • *Group Health Insurance Plan
  • Resource for individual health plans
  • Desktop deposit equipment
  • WFB monthly fees
  • WFB Loan rates
  • HIPPA and OSHA training
  • Marketing


IDA provides a complete bookkeeping package along with administration in various areas.

  • Maintain all accounting files with back-up of each file
  • Check and balance Day Sheets on a timely basis to help guard against any fraud or mishandling
  • Train and assign team members to make corrections to day sheets if needed
  • Keep record of all deposits made and monitor timeliness and accuracy of each deposit made
  • Coordinate all activities and functions with company’s accountant
  • Balance bank and loan statements
  • Handle all accounts payable in timely and orderly fashion
  • Prepare and submit Quarterly/Annual Sales and Use Tax
  • Prepare all accounting information for review by company accountant for the preparation of monthly financial reports
  • Order banking supplies upon request (checks, deposit slips, endorsement stamps, etc.)
  • Open new banking accounts, merchant accounts and purchase credit card machines and supplies upon request
  • Monitor and review merchant accounts to verify best pricing
  • Calculate owner’s profit distributions and year-end reconciliation of draws
  • Assist with budgeting and forecasting to help you achieve the goals you set


IDA prepares numerous reports during the month to monitor practice performance including, but not limited to production and collections. These are custom reports and can be tailored to meet any need. Listed below are reports generated regularly. Additional reports can be generated upon request.

  • Profit and Loss
  • Insurance Summary
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Adjustment Reports
  • Continuing Care
  • Referral
  • Production/Collection Summary
  • Bonus Reports
  • Year End Summary of Production and Collection for each office

Employer/Employee Support

IDA can offer support in the following areas:

  1. Hiring process
    • Advertise for new staff
    • Collect applications or resumes
  2. Training and Office Support
    • Train new/existing staff on handling day sheets, verifying adjustments, proper handling of monies collected and other various day to day operations.
    • Maintain or train on proper management of employee records
    • Assist in keeping updated Labor Law posters and other documentation in the office
    • Assist with Workers Compensation claims
    • Assist or be a support to managing doctor for various issues that may arise
    • Consult with our resource for human resource issues
  3. Employee Benefits
    • *Manage and administer employee health insurance policy
    • *Research and review new health plans at renewal time
    • Be a support in answering questions regarding benefits offered to employees
  4. Creating/Updating/Maintaining Documentation
    • Office Policy Manual
    • Associate agreements
    • Lease agreements
    • Buy/Sell agreements
    • Employee Benefit Manual
    • Operating Agreements
    • Worker’s Compensation Policy
    • Liability Insurance Policy

Dental Insurance Contracts

IDA is always looking to enhance our relationships with the insurance companies. We have found that being part of a network gives more power and strength in our discussions/interactions.

Continuing Education

Quarterly IDA doctor meetings are held to help each of us learn and grow our practices by teaming together our knowledge and successes. CE credits are available during these meetings to help you meet your requirements.


IDA is always looking to grow our network. By being affiliated with IDA, there will be opportunities to invest in different projects that are being developed.

If you have a need for something other than what is listed above, IDA would be happy to assist you in achieving your goals. We are in the process of researching different companies to verify their service standards and reliability in the event that your practice may need that particular service.

*IDA ownership required