IDA Clinical Consulting / CE Credits

Intermountain Dental Associates - Clinical Consulting / CE Credits

Continued clinical development is the hallmark of an excellent dental practitioner. Whether you are a new dentist just out of dental school or a seasoned practitioner wanting to learn the latest techniques, IDA can help in many ways.

  1. Skilled general practitioners within our network who have proven techniques and methods want to share what they know. Some of our dentists have been practicing for many years and are quite skilled at running an efficient and effective practice schedule. They have found that unique balance that provides the patient with the quick appointment they desire while still giving them that unrushed one-on-one time every patient appreciates. Our IDA dentists also have many practical pearls to share from years of experience and continued education that will help improve your speed and predictability while improving quality in just about any procedure in dentistry. Additionally, nothing is quite as important as a well-trained, skilled, and motivated dental assistant. IDA can help with auxiliary management and delegation to help get the most out or your dental assistants. We have some amazing dental assistants in our network who are motivated to help others reach their potential.

  2. Our network also has a supporting cast of specialists who are eager to share their knowledge as well as treat your more difficult cases. They provide continuing education courses on a quarterly basis that are recognized towards your continuing education hour requirements. So, whether it is endodontics, oral surgery, periodontics, or orthodontics our specialists are ready to help you treat cases more effectively as well as help you recognize when referral is in your best interest.

  3. Thanks to the strength of our network, dentistry educators are continually offering discounts on credible dental education courses. If you want a little more confidence in placing that implant or working an orthodontic case, it may be that we can get a better deal for you to attend those courses.