IDA Management Consulting

Intermountain Dental Associates - Management Consulting

Your dental practice isn’t supposed to be bringing in meager profits. You should and can have a smooth-running, efficient and profitable business.

Signs of an Underperforming Dental Practice

  • No accountability or a disengaged team
  • Too many no-shows or broken appointments
  • Not having enough time on your schedule for new patients
  • Not knowing or not being in control of the business side of the practice
  • Outstanding insurance claims in excess of an average months production
  • Too many busy, stressful days with low production
  • Less than 70% of your active patients scheduled in hygiene
  • Low case acceptance
  • Patients not pre-paying or paying at time of service
  • The hygiene department is not producing at least 25% of total practice production
  • Collections is less than 98% of an average monthly production
  • Staff is not trained to effectively fill holes in the doctor & hygiene schedule
  • Staff issues interfere with your joy of practicing dentistry
  • Schedule falls apart and patients are lost due to weak follow up.
  • A team who is not harmonious, motivated, productive or efficient

What We Do

We work with you to do what it takes to help your practice meet its goals. This generally includes:

  • Put systems in place to ensure a well-run, efficient and productive office
  • Train your team to schedule highly productive, low stress days
  • Implement a system to ensure patients are reactivated for their preventive care
  • Implement a system to dramatically decrease unscheduled treatment
  • Increase internal referrals and create an effective external marketing plan
  • Enhance your web presence
  • Coach you to manage and lead effectively
  • Train your office manager to run the “business” allowing you to do more dentistry
  • Train you and your team to improve your case acceptance
  • Turn your staff into a harmonious, motivated, productive and efficient team
  • Train your team to collect 98-100% of what your office produces

We have a proven track record in successfully making practices increasingly profitable while also increasing quality of life for Doctors and their teams. Let us help you take your practice to new heights. Please call (801) 917-6984.