Transition Strategies

Intermountain Dental Associates - Transition Strategies

When you are talking about the value of a Dental Practice, transitions must be handled perfectly. Whether it is an acquisition, a merger, or a partial sell, we have experience in handling all types of transitions. Bringing a partner into your practice can be a great growth strategy, but it must be done correctly in order to avoid having legal issues down the road. Selling the practice to retire or holding onto a piece for residual income is a great idea, but let us take you through the process so that you get the optimal return on your investment.

We have heard many sad stories of Doctors buying into a practice that was sugar coated by the numbers and didn’t buy what they thought. We have seen legal battles fought and lost by innocent parties because they didn't have proper or strong binding transition documents. We have learned from all these situations, and made it our goal that you have a smooth and honest transition. Don’t fall victim and be another sad story. Reach out to the experts. Call us today.